Celebrating Ugadi, Celebrating Artisan

Celebrating Ugadi, Celebrating Artisan

Ugadi, the Telugu and Kannada New Year believed to be the day Brahma created the universe, is celebrated ushering in new hopes and aspirations. The festival is marked with the blooming of mango buds, a ceremonial oil bath at the break of day, followed by the Ugadi Puja, where astrological predictions for the year are made. The delicacy for the day is pachadi, pachadi (Telugu) and the combination of bevu bella (kannada) (jaggery plus neem) a notable festive food that combines all flavours - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, denoting how one must expect all flavours throughout the year and make the most of their experiences.

This Ugadi, shop artisanal, choosing from a range of different sarees that are native to the Telugu & Kannada speaking states. Celebrate the new year by recognizing and valuing authentic tradition, in a notable fashion.


Pochampally is recognized as one of the “iconic weaving clusters of India.” IKAT from Pochampally cluster in Nalgonda district of Telangana is one of the most complicated handwoven fabrics. Ikat is technically a tie & dye technique with a difference. In a traditional tie-dye method, patterns are made on a plain fabric after it is woven. But in the Pochampally Ikat process, threads are first dyed and then woven into fabric resulting in one of the most complicated manufacturing processes.

The Gadwal sarees intricately woven with rich pallu by the weavers of Gadwal town in Mahbubnagar district are sure to add heritage value to your wardrobe. Traditionally woven with cotton yarn with an interlocking silk pallu the sarees can add to the charm for any occasion big or small. The golden zari motifs are inspired from the temple architecture or mother nature.

Strongly influenced by the maharashtrian designs, the weavers who settled in Narayanapete developed a signatory style of plains and checks saree with distinct contrast borders and pallu highlighted with traditional designs handwoven in shimmering zari. Narayanapet sarees are celebrated for their traditional value.

Andhra Pradesh

A natural play of colors, the madhavaram sarees of Andhra are beautifully handwoven with elaborate buttas on contrast colored base of the body, border and pallavs of the saree.The Madhavaram sarees also handwoven with a striped border and a striped pallu in contrasting colours.

Known for their simplicity with traditional golden zari 'Nizam' borders the Mangalagiri sarees are a must have for every Saree wardrobe. Mainly woven with pure cotton yarn on a pit loom, Mangalagiri sarees are now available in various color tones & offer cool comfort for every season. The checkered fashion trend has been adopted beautifully by the weavers while the traditional stripes are yet to stay.


The ilkal saree of Karnataka is recognized for its red pallu, known as the topi teni seragu, identified in the distinctive loop technique that the pallu threads and the saree body threads are joined in. Ilkal sarees come in chequered patterns known as Kondi, Gomi & Chikki paras designs for the unique borders.

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