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Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally ikat derives its name from the area in where it is woven – Pochampally in Telangana. The technique involving tying and dyeing of pattern in the yarn stage, and historically sees its roots in Indonesia, Japan and even some parts of Europe, was initially woven in Chirala. This spread to Pochampally and the surrounding areas such as Koyyalagudem, Puttapaka and Chautupal as there was an increase in demand from the export markets. Abstract and geometric motifs are usually found in Pochampally Ikat. Cotton, cotton-silk and silk material are used to create patterns for pochampally sarees, fabrics, dress materials, home furnishing and more.

In 2005, Pochampally was awarded with a Geographical Indicator that helps ensure the authenticity of the pochampally sarees as well as the Intellectual Property rights of the artisans weaving the saree.

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