About GoCoop Marketplace

1. What is GoCoop Marketplace? is a Social Marketplace for co-operatives and other community-based producer organisations to list and sell their products online. The Marketplace is based on the concept of social collaboration with a unique method for market linkage between potential buyers and sellers. Currently there are over 90 sellers with 4700+ products on GoCoop. GoCoop Marketplace supports both B2B and B2C transactions:

  • eDirectory and Product eListings - Traders and wholesalers can send trade enquiries to Producers. These enquiries are responded back to by producers. The GoCoop trade management team supports Buyers and Sellers in the trade process.

  • eCommerce - Consumers and Buyers can directly purchase a product online from the Producers. Producers would ship the product directly to the Customer. GoCoop coordinates the shipment and customer delivery process with the producers.

2. Why do you call it a ‘Social Marketplace’?

The cooperatives and other community based organisations participating on our marketplace are producer organisations with objective of generating livelihoods for their member producers, most of whom are artisans. These enterprises are generally located in rural or semi-urban areas and owned as well as managed by members themselves. We support these organisations in two ways:

  • Whenever you buy a craft product through our marketplace, you are providing employment of at least a day to maximum of two weeks to an artisan.
  • The sales proceeds of your online order directly go to these producer organisations thereby eliminating intermediaries who generally keep a significant part of the margin.
GoCoop Social Marketplace aims to enable these organisations to realize fair value of their produce by directly selling to consumers as well generate more employment for these producer organisations.

3. What kinds of products are available on marketplace?

Social Marketplace is for producer organisations generating employment for artisans. The range of artsand crafts presently available on marketplace includes:

  • Handlooms – Sarees, Dress materials, Menswear, Home-furnishings mostly made of cotton or silk fabrics from different part of India
  • Handicrafts – Stones carvings, Paintings, Wall hangings, Tibetan handicrafts, North-eastern/Assam handicrafts, Black pottery, Cane basketry etc
  • Food - Organic food products, Processed food, Spices

Buyer's FAQs

My Account

4. Do I need an account to buy a product on Social Marketplace?

Yes, we encourage users to take a moment and create an account. This helps us in providing better customer service to you. Once your account is created, you can purchase products and continue shopping from various e-shops on the marketplace. This account created can be used across websites of all the seller organisations on GoCoop marketplace. Please note that you will have to place separate orders with each of the e-shops.

5. How can I register with Social Marketplace?

At GoCoop, we have designed an extremely easy and hassle-free registration process to create your account. Users can simply register by clicking on ‘Register’ option that is provided at the top right corner of the home page and complete the registration process by filling the required information.

6. How to retrieve and/or change my password?

To retrieve or change your password you can visit and visit the login page. Here, you can enter your email id and click on the ‘Have you forgotten your password’ after which a new password will be sent to your registered email id.

Trade Enquiries

7. What is a trade enquiry?

GoCoop Social Marketplace facilitates both trade with business buyers and with consumers. In case of trade with business buyers for bulk purchases, the initial requirement is shared as a Trade enquiry, which usually includes the product details, quantity and delivery dates desired. Based on the trade enquiry Suppliers can respond back to the Buyer and negotiate the terms once finalised the final order can be placed by the Buyer. The Trade enquiry should include the details like product specification, quantity required, delivery terms, target price etc. These trade enquiries are delivered to producer organisations through SMS and email.

8. What is the response time for a trade enquiry?

The initial response time for acknowledgement of the trade enquiry and is 1-2 days depending on the seller’s availability. Further it takes from 3-7 days to confirm the availability of the products as per the specification and desired delivery dates, target price etc. During any of your communications, if you do not get the response or not satisfied with the response, you can reach out to following help lines:
1st Escalation - [email protected] +91 80 4117 8735
2nd Escalation - [email protected]; +91 99000 36732

9. Why can’t I place an order directly for all the products? Why Trade Enquiry?

Considering the size of organizations such as smaller Co-ops, many of them may not be in position to deliver quantities if ordered in bulk. Trade enquiry is an accepted process for sourcing in B2B Trade. We request our bulk purchase Buyers to start communication with our Suppliers through trade enquiries.


10. How can I buy products on Social Marketplace?

GoCoop Marketplace maintains two product catalogs: one for Buying online (“Buy”) and the second for Bulk Purchases (“Source”). Users can browse through various products from different e-shops on the “Buy” catalog on the marketplace and buy a product of their choice.

11. How can I check whether my order is confirmed?

Once your order is placed, you should receive a confirmation SMS as well as an email with the details of the order. Alternatively, you can also log in and verify your order in the ‘My Orders’ section. If you still need any clarifications, we are just a call away on support numbers listed on the website.

12. How can I check the status of my order?

Customers are kept updated with the status of their order through e-mail. Buyers can also monitor their order by logging in and click on ‘My Orders’ to view the order status.

13. What are the terms of payment for orders placed on GoCoop eCommerce sites?

Payment terms are defined for each e-shop separately. Most of the sellers on GoCoop support Credit Card, Debit card and net banking payment options. Cash on delivery is not an option. You can view the specific “terms & conditions” of the e-Shops which is provided as a link in the footer of the website.

14. What are the terms of delivery for the order placed on eCommerce sites?

Delivery terms are defined for each e-shop separately. Most sellers on GoCoop ship the products within 3-7 days of receiving the order. The products are delivered in India within 7 working days. International delivery timelines vary from country to country. You can view the specific “terms & conditions” of the e- Shops which is provided as a link in the footer of the website.

Please refer

15. Can Co-ops and other Sellers export products?

Many of our Sellers have been exporting products to different countries. Depending on the seller, the option for international shipment is provided in the checkout page.

16. How can I get in touch with a seller about a product?

Users can directly get in touch with the sellers regarding any sort of questions related to the products with the help of their contact information that is provided on their respective e-shops. Buyers can also contact GoCoop at [email protected] for further support.

Order Cancellation, Returns and Refund

17. Can orders be cancelled on Social Marketplace?

Social Marketplace provides a platform for various producer organisations to sell their products through their respective e-shops on the GoCoop marketplace. We encourage each and every producer organisation to define their terms and conditions on their websites. Buyers should verify these terms before placing the order. In a standard scenario, orders placed can be cancelled only in following circumstances:

  • Order placed is in ‘pending’ status.
  • The products on order are not in stock
Orders cannot be cancelled if the order status is ‘processing’ as the shipping process would have already begun.

18. How can I cancel an order?

In the circumstances listed above, the orders placed can be cancelled by logging in on the website, going to ‘My Orders’ menu. You can select the order and cancel it. You should receive the confirmation SMS and email regarding cancellation of the order.

19. Can I return a product already delivered to my address? What is the process for sales return?

The orders delivered cannot be returned except in the following scenarios:

  • The product delivered is completely different from the one on the order. Please note that it is difficult for the producer organisations to support the return/replacement requests for minor colour differences.
  • The products delivered are in damaged condition.
If your order qualifies for return, you should inform the customer support immediately on the receipt of the order through a call as well as email. If possible, attach the pictures of the product as well. You should receive a response from our customer support team regarding your return request. Once your return request is approved, please courier back to the address provided by customer support team. Buyers should retain the proof of dispatch and confirm the receipt of products returned with customer support team.

20. Can I seek the replacement of the products on order? How will I get the refund?

Buyers can select the product of the equivalent amount from the website and request for replacement of the product on order with the new product. In case the products cannot be replaced, the customer support team will initiate the refund request for the order. It takes 7-21 working days for the amount to be credited back to your credit/debit card or netbanking account based on the banks involved in the transactions.

Role of GoCoop Social Marketplace

21. What is the role of GoCoop in the transaction? Can GoCoop guarantee the transaction or the response to trade enquiry?

GoCoop Marketplace is a platform where you can buy from the different sellers through their e-shops. GoCoop itself does not sell any product. We facilitate seller organisations to sell their products online through GoCoop Marketplace. Buyers enter into transaction with sellers and not GoCoop.

22. What is GoCoop revenue model? How do you make money?

GoCoop Social Marketplace has two models of engagement for producer organisations. The revenue model depends on the model of the engagement with respective producer organisations. In case of eListing services for B2B trade, there is annual subscription fees for setting up the micro-site, creating product catalogue and listing the products on marketplace. In case of Trade Support Services, for trade management including enquiry management, order processing and fulfillment, there is separate service charge for each trade facilitated through GoCoop. In case of eCommerce customers, we charge seller organisations transaction fees on each order as a percentage of their sales.

Seller's FAQ

Participating in Marketplace

23. How can I sell products on GoCoop?

GoCoop facilitates co-operatives and community based organizations to market and/or sell their products online. Here, we provide two options, wherein we either set up an e-shop that facilitates online purchasing (for larges sellers) or create e-listing that facilitates a trade enquiry (for smaller and medium sized sellers) depending on their requirements.

24. How can I register with GoCoop?

At GoCoop, we have designed extremely simple and hassle-free steps to set up your e-shop on GoCoop.

  • Click on ‘Register’ link located at the top right corner of the home page
  • Now, under user registration click on the ‘Register Seller’
  • This takes you to the registration window with various fields such as email, name of the seller, logo, tagline, and so on that have to be filled.
  • Filling this information will successfully assist users in setting up their e-shops on GoCoop.
Offline Registration Alternate option for registering with GoCoop is by downloading and filling up our offline registration form. Sellers can send the completed registration form to GoCoop by simply posting it to the address that is mentioned in the contact us or by scanning the completed offline registration form and sending a copy of this to [email protected]

Product Catalogs

25. Can GoCoop help me in creating my product catalogs?

Product pictures, descriptions, specifications are required to create a product catalog which is essential for online marketing. GoCoop assist our sellers in creating your product catalogs.

Pay Out for Selling Products through GoCoop

26. How am I billed for selling my products on GoCoop?

27. Do I have to pay for adding or updating products in the e-listing?

Based on the subscription of eCommerce or eListing services, sellers are allowed to create and maintain a product catalog for specific number of products. There are no charges for updating the products as long as the number of products does not exceed the maximum number of products subscribed by the seller.

Payment Terms and Applicable Charges

28. How am I charged for online transactions?

GoCoop offers various modes of online transactions such as payment through credit cards, debit cards, as well as net banking for which charges are applicable. GoCoop provides different payment gateway options for sellers based on their requirements. The payment gateway charges a certain transaction charges based on the mode of the transaction. These charges will be detailed out in the payment gateway proposal for specific seller.

Delivery Charges and Methods

29. Will GoCoop assist me in delivering my products?

GoCoop facilitates the order delivery by sellers by offering them a tie-up with different logistics providers. GoCoop has pre-negotiated contracts with logistics providers so that it can help in saving time and effort for setting up the logistics for each sellers. In addition, GoCoop also provides “Support Services” to Sellers in managing your eCommerce operations including logistics for a monthly fee. Based on your request, GoCoop team can provide you a quote for the Support services.