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Sambalpuri Sarees

Ikat is an Indonesian word derived from the word ‘mengikat’, meaning to tie. Apart from India, Indonesia, Japan and China are the other countries in which this method of weaving is widely practised.

In India, ikat has been practiced in many placed and in odisha specifically this indigenously resist dye and tie method is called bandha kala.

Bandha or ikat or yarn tie- resist dyed textiles of Odisha are widely acknowledged for their skilful patterns, distinctively rendered curvilinear motifs and the combination of ikat and relief texture due to supplementary warp and weft weaves.

The two main bandha weaving clusters are sampbalpur in the west including Bargarh, Barpali, and Sonepur; and Nuapatna in the east.

Sambalpur specialises in cotton sarees used for ceremonial occasions with motifs symbolising prosperity and fertility.

Conch shell, fish, deer, butterfly and starts are widely used motis whose symbolism is derived from mythology, the coastal environment and the contexts of marriage and worship.


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