a gift that’s handcrafted is a gift to the craftsman as well

"our dream is to create and support one million sustainable livelihoods for artisans and weavers, while promoting handmade, natural and sustainable products to consumers and buyers globally" - Siva Devireddy, founder gocoop

Handlooms and handmade crafts have been part of our heritage since ages. India is home to 7 million artisans. With an increased need of conscious buying and curiosity of where, how and who make the products; we at gocoop find it important to create awareness and educate the customer on the benefits of buying and supporting handmade.

Corporate gifts

handmade for a personal touch, our corporate gifts that liven up the workplace and beyond from fabric folders showcasing Indian traditional motifs to recycled paper stationary and many more gifting ideas which are environment friendly

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DIY Kits

curated collection of do-it-yourself art and craft kits and toys that make learning fun and keep our roots alive. We aim to reconnect children with Indian traditional art and craft culture, create awareness for our artisan communities

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Gift cards

open up a whole new world of handlooms & crafts with our gocoop gift cards, applicable across our entire range of products including sarees, contemporary wear, accessories, fabrics, dress materials and a range of home decor

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