Rangsutra Crafts

    RangSutra is a company owned by over 2,000 artisans in villages and small towns across India — predominantly Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir & Manipur. Their journey started in 2006, when the founder, Sumita Ghose, wanted to create sustainable livelihoods for highly skilled rural artisans by giving them market linkages. This vision remains the same even today: they continue to create opportunities for inclusive growth by acting as a bridge between artisans and markets, change and continuity, and tradition and modernity.  Each product produced follows a fair trade process that allows the artisans to thrive in and beyond their working environment through equal pay, fair wages, a safe working environment, and skills training. 

    Rangsutra has been working with these communities as part of the Desi Oon initiative to revive the pastoralist ecosystem by creating beautiful handspun and handwoven wool products made from white and lustrous fleece from Chokla sheep. The sheep rearing, washing, wool shearing, spinning and weaving are all done within the pastoralist community of the region and the final products are sold to consumers through online & brick-mortar platforms. Through this initiative, Rangsutra works towards preserving the traditional lifestyle of the pastoralists while incorporating modern design sensibilities to the various products.