Khamir was instituted after the Earthquake of 2001 as a platform for engagement & development of craft, heritage and cultural ecology of the Kachchh region of Gujarat. The word Khamir means “intrinsic pride” in the local Kachchhi language and “to ferment “ in Hindi. Aptly so, Khamir as an organisation stands for fermentation of ideas and activities to strengthen and promote the rich artisanal traditions of the region. Today, Khamir works in 14 crafts with 350 units and 1060 artisans from the entire Kutch district of Gujarat. It serves as a platform for the promotion of traditional handicrafts and allied cultural practices, the processes involved in their creation, and the preservation of culture, community and local environments. The vision is to create a vibrant, sustainable Indian craft sector in which crafts and artisans alike are highly valued by people worldwide.