Featured craft fabric

Featured craft fabric


    Craft features of the season

    Pochampally Ikat - The uniqueness of this craft lies in creating intricate designs and colors in the warp and weft threads and weaving them into the fabric.

    Sambalpuri Ikat - Commonly also called "poetry on the loom", the warp and weft threads are tie-dyed to create a subtle jewel-like motif beautifully woven in silk and cotton.

    Bandhani - The oldest form of dyeing fabric, in which the fabric is tied tightly with threads to create various patterns. The tied part of the fabric is dyed which results in a collection of patterns, beautiful colour combinations and charming swirls.

    Handspun Handwoven - The beauty of handspun and handwoven textiles lies in the imperfections created by human hands making it the fabric of the people which is deeply rooted in Indian identity.

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