Bandhani collection
    The word Bandhani is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Banda’ which means ‘to tie’. The art of Bandhani involves dyeing the fabric which is tightly tied with a thread at several places to produce different patterns. Practiced mainly in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bandhej or Bandhani is the oldest form of tie and dye.
    Bandhani is generally performed on cotton and silk fabrics. The fabric is tied tightly, and it is then dipped in for a dye bath. The tied area of the fabric is dyed in vibrant colors. Bandhej is a combination of a cluster of patterns, beautiful colour combinations and alluring twirls.
    Bandhani comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns. Depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied, Bandhej patterns include Lehriya, Mothra, Ekdali etc.