The Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society popularly known as APCO is an APEX organisation of Andhra Pradesh. Formed in 1976, the organisation provides marketing support to Primary Weavers Co-operatives Societies affiliated with it through backward linkage for production of handloom goods. It also advises and renders assistance in the preparation of production programs, design development, product diversification and quality improvements to be in tune with the consumer tastes and market demand.

    Presenting the rich handloom tradition of Andhra Pradesh that is intricately woven to the social fabric of society. Every region has its own weave and speciality and is known by the place of origin. The Dharmavaram, Uppada Jamdani, Venkatagiri, Bandarulanka, Chirala, Madhavaram, Mangalgiri,  Bandar sarees are some of the very popular weaves. These are rich, contemporary in design and woven traditionally and are suitable for any occasion.