Buyer Seller Meet for Chikkanayakanahalli Woollen Handloom Cluster, Tumkur District

Buyer Seller Meet for Chikkanayakanahalli Woollen Handloom Cluster, Tumkur District

The town of Chikkanayakanahalli is located in the Tumkur District of Karnataka, India. A majority of the population here are actively engaged in the handloom weaving industry.
Upon a deeper study of the industry here, it was observed that a sense of complacency has set in amongst the weavers which have to be discouraged. It is with this view that a need was identified to conduct a buyer seller meet in this town. This would not only ensure that the weavers currently engaged in the trade start learning more of the present day woollen market but would also draw new buyers to this region while strengthening the existing buyers.
The buyer- seller meet organized by GoCoop on the 20th of December, ’12, was attended by Mr. Jarappe Molakeri, Joint Director, Department of Handloom and Textiles, Bangalore, who elaborated the marketing scope for handloom industries and the approach towards it. Also present was Mr. Raghavan, Manager, NHDC, who explained the various schemes for weavers to further their business development.
All the participants learnt about the internationalization of Chikkanayakanahalli kamblis and its potential in Sri Lankan markets. By the means of video presentations, all were able to view the woolen global buying centers. Woollen merchants present at the event requested GoCoop to help them with export- entry formalities. The media was also invited to cover the event with the objective of showcasing Chikkanayakanahalli woollen products through public relation stories.
The buyer seller meet was a first time business experience for a majority of the weavers and societies present. After the introductory session, orientation and socialization, an open space was created for all the weavers to interact with each other. Society representatives interacted with the merchants, designers, government officials, federations and industry specialists. Through the course of the meet the weavers were seen exchanging ideas, displaying their products, aptly listening to the sessions and watching video presentations.
After the interaction session, merchants from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh were of the opinion that hereafter it would be easier to deal with new identified suppliers. The weavers, retailers and other participants lauded the event and requested GoCoop to conduct more such buyer seller meets.

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