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Buyer Seller Meet for Yelahanka Handloom Cluster

October 20, 2012

Buyer Seller Meet for Yelahanka Handloom Cluster

Yelahanka which was a village outside Bangalore is a part of Bangalore today. The founder of Bangalore Kempegouda was the ruler of Yelahankanadu.

Yelahanka is known both historically and a silk hub of south India. The handloom silk sarees of Yelahanka is a silk route of Textile industry. Today Yelahanka is also the gate way of Bangalore international airport and has air force flying club and major industries like L&T etc. to its credit.

However, the silk handloom has been the lifeline of Yelahanka village for over 2 centuries. GoCoop organized buyer seller meet totally dedicated to silk weavers and their customers and suppliers. The journey to the exhibition and the Buyers Seller Meet initiated by the dept. of Handlooms and Textile is a feast to rejoice.

The Buyer Seller Meet first of its kind by GoCoop for Handlooms and Textiles dept. created a plat form for all the weavers and societies of Yelahanka to interact with silk traders, direct customers, silk retailers, designers, yarn suppliers and NHDC and GoCoop Team.

The buyer seller meet was inaugurated by the MLA, MLCs and Corporators of Yelahanka constituency.

NHDC manager Mr.Raghavan explained the schemes for weavers for their business development.

It was a unique experience for the weavers – A first time exposure for interaction, awareness about electronic retailing. The weavers holding the mike and speaking was an educative experience to everybody. The value added designs shown by the designer was eye catching.

The weavers, retailers and other participants lauded the event and requested GoCoop for conduct more and more buyer seller meets.

Mr. G.Venkatesh, CEO, GLOBETEK congratulated the organizers of GoCoop for arranging Buyer Seller Meet and showcasing the products to the general public and help all the well deserving handloom craftsman of the regions and he appreciated the GoCoop for bringing all such small craftsman weavers under the umbrella of e-commerce. Where, a buyer can see the products and buy directly online.

Major participants of the Buyer Seller Meet included:

• Sri Raghavendra Silk Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd.,
Website: http://raghavendra.gocoop.com/
• Sri Mallikarjuna Cotton and Silk Handloom Weavers Producer and Marketing Co-op
Website: http://mallikarjuna.gocoop.com/
• Sri Balaji Silk Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd,
• Arunadri Handloom Weavers Production & Sales Co-operative Society,
• Yelahanka Vividodesha Development Women’s Co-operative Society Ltd,
• Agrahara Layout Handloom Weavers Production & Sales Cop-operative Society Ltd,
• Chandan Textiles, Bangalore,
• Pratap Makhija, Saree centre
• Niharika, Designer
• M/s Globetek
and a host of weavers, buying houses, buying agents, designers, suppliers of yarn and accessories and elites of Yelahanka region.

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Buyer Seller Meet for Yelahanka Handloom Cluster