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Gray peduncle Dupatta

by Boyanika

code: 220/C/1675

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Description :
Sambalpuri handwoven traditional peduncle dupatta in gray base with plain in body & border black base with traditional ikat
���We don���t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.���
If this is your mantra for life, then you have made the right choice by selecting fabric made of tassar peduncle. Unknown to many, this is one of the rarest silks, sourced from the cut peduncles of tassar cocoons. When the tassar silkworm is ready to spin its cocoon on the host plant, the first silk it throws back and forth, forms the stem of the cocoon, and is known as peduncle. It is the anterior part of the cocoon, dark brown or black in colour, more like an elongated stiff stalk having a loop for suspending the cocoon firmly around the twig of the tree. After forming the peduncle, the cocoon is spun.
In Odisha, peduncle yarn was traditionally used for making ���Katia Chaddar���, used by men. Given its rough texture and warmth, it was a popular substitute for the woollen blanket. With the passage of time, the finer mill-spun peduncle yarn began to be produced. Its compatibility and ability to blend with other yarns has allowed for gradual diversification of the product range. A variant fabric has been created by using finer tassar silk yarn in the warp and tassar peduncle silk yarn in the weft thereby enhancing the texture, feel, drape and warmth. Today, fine material for men���s jackets, kurtas and shirts is being produced from the silk of the tassar peduncle.
Apart from its unique colour and texture, it is the eco-friendly nature of the fabric that sets it apart. It is woven from what is euphemistically called the ���yarn of life���, the symbolic umbilical cord extruded by the unassuming caterpillar in a continuous mile-long filament. It utilises the so-called waste material thereby making tassar farming truly a zero-waste production.
The owner of this elegant peduncle product can also derive satisfaction from the fact that it is woven by using tassar silk and peduncle yarn produced by the tribal communities dwelling in the forests of Odisha! Today, this is an important source of livelihood for them.
Thank you for buying a product of tassar peduncle and contributing towards more sustainable handloom and a greener earth.

Product Specification :
2 mtr * 70cm
Special Instructions :
Dry clean only

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