Khadi Nation Handwoven Purple and White Khadi Kurta

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Purple and white regular fit cotton khadi jubba from Khadi Nation, stitched from handspun and handwoven khadi fabric woven by the weavers of rural Karnataka. The ideal Indian ethnic men's wear, this light purple khadi jubba is designed with full sleeves and matching buttons for fastening down the chinese collar. The irregularity in the hand dyed nature of the hand spun purple and white cotton yarns used to weave the fabric of this jubba yields the unique beautiful pattern on the surface. Style this jubba with a traditional pajama/dhoti or go for the casual evening look matched with a pair jeans. The speciality of this khadi kurta is in the nature of its khadi cotton material which softens after every wash, rendering it more comfortable with each wear. Khadi nation offers quality khadi products manufactured by their skilled artisans through the interlacement of charkha spun yarns on a handloom, designed in classic vibrant colors. The authenticity of these khadi products is certified by the KVIC (Khadi Village Industries Commission) Government of India.
Size: 42;
Sleeve: Long Sleeve;
Length: Long;
Collar: Chinese collar;
Fastening: Buttons;
Material: Khadi Cotton;
Color hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image.
Slight shrinkage to be expected after the first wash of this starched fabric
Special Instructions :
• Suggested dry cleaning
• Wash dark and light colors separately
• Do not squeeze or wring
• Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light & moisture
• For every khadi product, let the first wash be in salt water