Khadi Nation Handwoven Full-Sleeve Short Jubb

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Exclusive khadi jubba woven from cotton handloom fabric. The fabric used has alternating uniform stripes of black, purple and brown, interwoven through the traditional hand-weaving techniques using hand spun yarn.
Size: 40;
Sleeve: Full Sleeve;
Length: Short;
Pockets: 3(1 chest pocket and 2 side pockets);
Collar: Chinese collar;
Buttons: Matching buttons;
Color hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image.
Special Instructions :
• Suggested dry cleaning;
• Wash dark and lite colors separately;
• Do not squeeze or wring;
• Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light & moisture;
• For every khadi product, let the first wash be in salt water.

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