Running Length Mulberry Silk Material

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The Mulberry silk cloth is woven in a thread count of 20/22 D Silk in warp way and 3 ply charkha yarn in a weft way. Smt Kalpana Sonkusare a resident of Aandhalgaon in district Bhandara (Maharashtra), is a master craftsman ,whose art has been enriched from thirty years of traditional experience. This cloth is woven in plain weave with single shuttle.To make the cloth more attractive after weaving it is dyed with the exclusive colour. The silk mark certification of the cloth vouches for authenticity of the silk yarn used. The handloom mark certification guarantees that this cloth is exclusively hand woven.
Product Specification:
Length in Running Meter.
Width : 46''
Length in Running Meter.
Width : 46''
Special Instructions :
* Suggested drycleaning * Do not squeeze or wring * Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade * Store in clean, dry place away from insects, dust, excessive light & moisture.

* Your requirement should be in meter.