Handwoven China Pink & White Bagh Printe

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The silk scarf is woven in a thread count of 20/22 D Mulburry Silk in warp way and 3 ply charkha Silk in a weft way. This scarf is woven with single shuttle with Printed border which takes about half day to complete. The scarf are printed with Bagh print and dyed with vegetable dyes in white and China pink color. The silk mark certification of the scarf vouches for authenticity of the silk yarn used. The handloom mark certification guarantees that this scarf is exclusively hand woven.
Product Specification:
Length : 1.2 Mtr
Width : 1.2 Mtr
Special Instructions :
*Suggested drycleaning * Do not squeeze or wring * Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade * Store in clean, dry place away from insects, dust, excessive light & moisture.