Urban Village
Urban Village
A Bridge between Tradition and Modernity


The Government of Andhra Pradesh through Andhra Pradesh Mahila Saadhikara Samstha (APMSS) facilitates social empowerment, formal credit, farm and non-farm livelihoods, human development initiatives and social security for 9 million SHG women. SHGs have been involved in thrift and credit activities for 15 years and have matured into strong institutions over time.

Andhra Pradesh has a rich tradition in handicrafts, with techniques of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. It has the distinction of having all important categories of handicrafts practiced in their traditional locations spread over different parts of the state.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh seeks to support the livelihoods of SHG members that engage in handloom and handicraft activities in the state. APMSS seeks to increase the market reach and customer base for these SHG members by retailing their products on various platforms under the brand name ‘Urban Village’, with the ultimate aim of increasing the income of the SHG members and to showcase the heritage of Andhra Pradesh.

Urban Village represents a bridge between tradition and modernity. The traditional craft products are created keeping in mind the contemporary tastes of its buyers.

From apparel to home décor items, these products cater to a wide range of customer preferences and are available at reasonable prices. These products have been lovingly crafted by women from SHGs in Andhra Pradesh. It is a reflection of culture, love for craft, and rich history of Andhra Pradesh.