Hand made in India


The Craftmark is a certification programme designed and managed by AIACA, that certifies genuine Indian handmade craft products produced in a socially responsible manner, develops sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labelling a product as a handicraft product and increases consumer awareness of distinct handicraft traditions and strengthens the supply chain from manufacturer to end consumer.

The Craftmark Certification programme is the only national certification in India on handmade craft processes which not only promotes authentic handmade processes but also encourages innovation in design and application keeping the authentic handmade process intact. Craftmark is linked to several buyers in the domestic and international market including ecommerce platforms. It enables its members to access these markets and take advantage of the economic opportunities with improved competitiveness.

The Craftmark initiative is unique in bringing together skilled craft producers, NGOs, private producers, and cooperatives under a common umbrella. Craftmark has been successful in developing a brand identity for Indian handmade crafts as a whole thus promoting a common brand for thousands of artisans.