Joint Buyer Seller Meet- Bangalore

Sponsored by:

Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms

Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Organised by:

Weavers’ Service Centre

# 2 & 4, 2nd Main Road, Okalipura

Bangalore, Karnataka

Ph. 080 2312 1662


Cordially Invites you to the Joint Buyer Seller Meet of:

Kollegal Handloom Cluster

Esalam Handloom Cluster

Dadagapatti Handloom Cluster

Payyanur Handloom Cluster

Inauguration by

Shri D.A Venkatesh, IFS

Commissioner for Textile Development and Director of Handlooms & Textiles

Government of Karnataka, Bangalore

In the presence of

Shri D.R. Gupta

Director (South Zone), Weavers’ Service Centre, Chennai

Objectives of the Buyer - Seller meet

  1. To bring the weavers, master weavers, manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, Accessory suppliers, retailers, buying houses, buying agents, designers and direct customers/ consumers under one platform.
  2. To make all the participants know each other. To help them make new business partnerships to start buying and selling and also renewal of their previous business relations.
  3. To make the participants aware of the nuances of the industry, the functional details, market economics, the prevailing market conditions, public relations and customer relationship management.
  4. To familiarize the participants with the sub- sectors of the silk industry, the who’swho of the industry, the latest trends, accessories, the industry specialists and bench marking standards.
  5. To help the participants to internationalize their businesses.
  6. To educate the participants about the various events, trade fairs and exhibitions, the journals, the sampling units, the design centers, the colour trends, border trends, and the seasonal peculiarities etc to keep themselves abreast with the external environment.
  7. To initiate a forum of connectivity for Co-operation among Co-operatives, common consortia, joint procurement councils, joint marketing agenda, institutional selling and Co-operative buying of raw materials, accessories and packaging materials.
  8. To equip the sellers and buyers with technical and commercial knowledge of production and business.
  9. To build/develop communication abilities and develop team spirits of business and start understanding win-win relationship.