Covid 19 (Corona virus) related updates

Dear Customers and Partners,

As all of you are aware, the world is going through a very challenging phase due to Covid19 (Corona virus). We sincerely hope all of you are taking good care of your health and well being and following all the precautions including wearing face masks, frequent washing of hands and social distancing.

This pandemic would lead to many financial and economic implications in the months to come and would deeply impact micro, small and medium enterprises. Weavers and artisans would be severely impacted due to halt in sales activities and production due to supply chain disruptions. 

While we continue to take orders online, due to restrictions and lockdowns in many states and cities in India, there would be a delay in shipping orders. We are monitoring the situation closely and our team would keep you updated on the shipping status.

Please take good care of your self and your family. Thanks again for supporting our weavers and artisans during these difficult times. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us, we truly are all in this together

Team GoCoop