Spun By Welspun

    Spun by Welspun was born in 2014 from a desire to return power to the hands of communities and women who had lost everything in the 2001 Bhuj earthquake. The initiative was backed by the desire to help find a new source of sustenance for the local craftswomen and help them transform their lives and those of their families. 2215 women across eight centers have been provided training in enhancing their traditional skills to adapt and apply in creating new product lines. 

    Known for their skill at intricate embroidery and the creation of striking handicrafts, the women of the Rabari community have been skilled craftswomen for centuries.  Spun engages with them in reinventing and recreating traditional patterns on handmade artisanal products. The brand designs and creates a contemporary product line under the home and living category and supports 80 – 100 craftswomen by providing them regular work.