Rajolli Sarees
    Rajolli saree centre initially started off as suppliers of yarn some 20 years ago at the Ilkal town of Bagalkot district in Karnataka.
    In the recent past, as the economy of the country changed, the weavers who would purchase the yarns were unable to pay for these in cash and had to adapt to a barter system of payment with a finely woven saree. As the pile of sarees earned through this exchange of raw materials and sarees grew, new avenues had to be searched to market these sarees. Rajolli saree centre came into being as a venture of 2 brothers, Ambusa Rajolli and Narayan Rajolli, along with a master weaver Srikanth Guled. The master weaver works with 60 other weavers to passionately create new designs and explore different color combinations. Participating in many workshops and product development sessions, Srikanth Guled has enhanced his skills to develop the traditional ilkal saree weaving to adapt to current trends.
    Featuring here a range of art silk and cotton ilkal sarees from Ilkal.