Punarjeevana Collection-GoCoop
    Patteda Anchu and hubli saree collection from the weavers at the ancient handloom hub of Gajendragarh, Karnataka. The villages in and around the hub are equipped with hand weaving this exquisite cotton saree which has godly significance as it is offered to their local deity on auspicious occasions such as a wedding in a family. These traditional sarees have been revived with special features like the reversible nature of the saree which is woven with two different pallus on either side; the specially engineered border which is already coarse and does not require additional fall or beading to be done making this a ready to drape saree; the use of eco friendly dyes.  Punarjeevana, which translates as rebirth, is a revival initiative of the age old Patteda Anchu and North Karnataka sarees by Dr. Hemalatha Jain. A designer and researcher, Dr. Hemalatha has done extensive work to develop the lost art of North Karnataka sarees and strives to keep the traditions of hand-weaving alive.