Panaya has emerged from the rare, archival collections of one of the oldest silk houses from Banaras, Kamalya Textile. It is an effort to revive the centuries old grandeur, grace, and exuberance of the classic handwoven silks and brocade designs of Banarasi silk saree. Banarasi sarees are not just woven with silk and zari, but also with a fascinating story of the royal ancient craft. Every handwoven Banarasi saree brings with it an exquisite knowledge, history and technique passed on from generations of top-skilled craftsmen. With a rich history and attention to detail, every handwoven traditional Banarasi saree is a work of art in itself. Panaya, apart from having a deep understanding of the craft of weaving a Banarasi saree also understands the dream of many women to own an exotic one.