Hansa Handloom

Hansa Handloom


    Manish Mukati and Rohit Mukati are taking forward the legacy that their forefathers could never envision. Hansa Handloom was established as a small retail outlet in the proximity of the Maheshwar Fort -the royal Rajwada, and the historical Raj-Rajeshwar temple on the banks of the Narmada River.

    This was the first attempt of a Master Weaver to directly showcase his creations to the tourists who visited the town. That was nearly 35 years back; today Manish and Rohit, the 3rd generation of the Mukati family have taken their traditional weaving craft of Maheshwari Saris out from, just weaving by family in their home to support more than 80 weavers and 15 ancillary workers.

    The brothers have divided the business responsibilities in a way that complements their strengths. Rohit Mukati takes care of the Marketing; whereas Manish’s heart lies in developing new designs and products that gets added to their existing rich product catalogue.

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