Gandhigram Khadi
    Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi movement, the idea of Gandhigram was born to take forward the vision of empowering villages and enabling their holistic development. The organisation was the brainchild of Dr. T.S.Soundaram and Dr. G.Ramachandran who were ardent followers of Gandhi and worked to incorporate his values in their work. The Swadeshi spirit could be kept alive through the production and usage of indigenous goods and services and providing employment to rural communities to make them self-reliant and self-sufficient. Khadi and Village Industries Public Charitable Trust (KVIPCT) started production of khadi in 1950. Since then, various families in the community are involved in manufacturing khadi and village industries products in order to cater to the demands of various places across Tamil Nadu. Since it was founded in 1947, Gandhigram Trust has been working tirelessly to enhance the socio-economic status of rural communities through interventions in healthcare, education, rehabilitation and community development.