This winter, don’t try to fight off the cold, embrace it with some warm woollens, handmade by the Indian artisan community. The superior fabric of the clothes will ensure you’re warm. Your contribution to the artisan community, will ensure that your heart is warm too. Buy handmade, stay warm.

Putting together the perfect outfit keeping practicality in mind, doesn’t have to be a challenge. Win-win situations where you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort can be achieved with some simple winter must-haves:

The Poncho – Wear your heart on your sleeves with a poncho. Made by the artisans of Kashmir, the poncho is designed with traditional floral embroidery and finished with neatly tied tassels. A trendier alternative to the ordinary sweater, the poncho can work as a great go-to statement piece.

The Stole -- Chic yet cozy, the stole is the perfect winter accessory that can elevate your look. A versatile item, the stole can be wrapped around in multiple ways, all the while keeping you warm. Handmade by the weavers of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh at Bhuttico, a brand that is acknowledged as being best in the business of handloom woolen stoles.

The Shawl -- With a shawl, the possibilities of styling are endless. A winter staple, it could be worn as a simple wrap around, a cape, a shawl or even as a poncho. Best part- it feels like wearing a hug. The kullu shawl, is made by the weavers of Himbunkar from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Featuring various geometric patterns that are radiant, the design adds a pop of colour, complementing typically dull winter tones.

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