Sahakar Bharati 4th National Conference

Sahakar Bharati 4th National Conference

To commemorate the International Year of Co-operatives, 2013, Sahakar Bharati was one such Conference which was held on the 17th, 18th and 19th January’13, at the National College Grounds, Bangalore. A sea of co-operatives across India attended the event to mark this year. In attendance were many dignitaries, Ministers and IAS Officers.
One of the major attractions of the conference was the variety of cultural activities representing different states. There was a huge wing that housed a number of stalls, representing various states and their products. Representation of people and products from across the country, not only celebrated India’s diversity, but also its integrity as one nation.
The GoCoop team participated in the conference and was represented by Mr. Siva Devireddy, Dr. Chandrashekar, Mrs. Meera Rao, Mr. Manish Abbhi and Mr. Sujit Kr. Singh. GoCoop made its presence felt by not only setting up a stall here, but was also successful in securing around 120 registrations.

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