Buyer Seller Meet for Y.N.Hoskote Silk Handloom Cluster, Tumkur District

Buyer Seller Meet for Y.N.Hoskote Silk Handloom Cluster, Tumkur District

Y.N.Hoskote, a village located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka, is recognized as one of the silk hubs of Karnataka. Recognizing its potential to become a successful hub for silk handloom, GoCoop organized a buyer seller meet, to showcase the artful craftsmanship and bring the weaver community closer to its potential buyers.

A meeting of buyers & sellers has always proven to be a significant platform for meaningful dialogue and interaction between different stakeholders, and towards creating a successful, sustainable business.

The event was, perhaps, the first of its kind in the region, as expressed by the societies and weavers of Y.N.Hoskote Cluster, and ended on a positive note. The platform created for all the participants was well utilized and most of them interacted well with each other, to share and in the exchange of ideas.

It was heartening to note that the event proved to be a good learning experience for the participants in terms of display of sarees, explanation of the product features, involvement in question and answer sessions, interaction with designers and approaching the government officials and adherence to procedures (like the NHDC).

The participatory approach followed in this event gave everybody an opportunity to engage in public speaking on issues related to their trade and business. Some of the weavers candidly confessed that once they got onto the stage, they were able to conquer their stage fear, and felt more confident to address the audience.

It is through these initiatives that the essence of marketing shines through, as the weavers are transformed into direct marketers themselves, championing the cause of their products and skill.

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