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Kolar - The‘Silk Land' is now a‘Milk Land'. This union became autonomous in 1987 and has now more than 1633 DCSs covering 11 taluks. Innovations here include, a. Ultra High Temperature' treatment adopted for ‘Good life' a 60 days shelf life Product without refrigeration b. Smart & Slim' Low fat, vitamins rich milk for health conscious sectors. c. Flavored drinking yoghurt. d. Ghee in Pearlpet jars. e. Cheese plant. f. Makes Masti Dahi for Amul. Speciality of the Union: First Union to launch‘Goodlife’milk in Tetra Fino package, flavoured drinking yoghurt, ghee in pearlpet jars,‘Masti Dahi’ and to adopt community milking system, clean milk production as brand ambassador. Obtained primacy by having a first elected woman Director on the Board.

# To ensure assured and remunerative market round the year for the milk produced by the farmer members.
# To make available quality milk and other premier dairy products to urban consumers.
# To build & develop village level institutions as cooperative model units to manage the dairy activities.
# To ensure provision of inputs for milk production, processing facilities and dissemination of know how.
# To facilitate rural development by providing opportunities for self employment at village level, preventing migration to urban areas,introducing cash economy and opportunity for a sustained income .
# The philosophy of dairy development is to eliminate middlemen and organise institutions to be owned and managed by the milk producers themselves, employing professionals.
# To sum it up, every activity of KMF revolves around meeting one basic objective: 'Achieve economies of scale to ensure maximum returns to the milk producers, at the same time facilitate wholesome milk at reasonable price to urban consumers'. Ultimately, the complex network of cooperative organization should build a bridge between masses of rural producers and millions of urban consumers and in the process achieve a socio-economic revolution in every hinterland of the State.

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