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Maheshwari Collection

Originating from Maheshwar in Madhaya Pradesh, this variety of saree is known for its fineness and elegance.
Legend has it that Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar employed weavers from Surat and Malwa to design an exclusive nine yarn saree that could be gifted to her relatives and guests who visited the palace. With the first saree conceived and designed by herself, Maheshwari sarees went on to become famous in the royal and aristocratic circle.
Though originally woven in silk, these sarees are now available in cotton silk blends. With the fine cotton in its weft and silk in the warp, this airy fabric has the soft lustre of silk.
The most interesting part of a Maheshwari saree is the pallu. The pallu is woven with bright colours like magenta, pink, green, violet and maroon. These are particularly distinct with their five stripes, with alternating colours. Another highlight is their reversible borders that can be woven on either side.

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