Ecotattva products are made from 100% hand spun thread on Mahatma Gandhi’s charakha and lovingly weaved on handlooms by skilled village artisans. This genuine handspun handwoven cloth is then processed on modern technics by Ecotattva to make designer wear.

Ecotattva is an enterprise that is inspired by a noble cause. Over the years, handspun handwoven fabric has lost much of its charm. This was largely in part to the inability of poor village craftsmen to match market expectations. 
At Ecotattva we bridge this gap by bringing modern techniques in the production process, we help artisans add value to their effort. Without disturbing the original craft or the employability it provides,  we enhance the quality greatly.
So by buying a Ecotattva product you have not just made an ordinary purchase. In fact, you have contributed to the livelihood of many village artisans. The decline of interest in handspun handwoven is threatening to rob them of their bread and butter. This loss of employment is manifested in increasing crime in society, as these hands are without work.
At Ecotattva we have pledged to give work to these hands. And by buying a Ecotattva product, you are part of our wider mission to generate employment for them.


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