Itishree Sur, the youngest among five siblings grew up seeing her father & brother weaving tussar yardages in Fakirpur village in Odisha.

Itishree’s Involvement in weaving related activities started from 2002, when she moved to Gopalpur in Jajpura after her marriage. She started assisting her husband in pre-loom activities, like spinning yarn, reeling, gumming & warping.

Itishree had the opportunity to be a part of the Tata antaran training for artisans, and this helped her getting wider exposure to design Intervention. She was able to implement the new design concepts in her weaving thus creating a differential product line. 

Itishree gradually scaled her production and started providing work to 15 weavers, producing around 50 to 60 sarees per month.  She and her weavers specialise in Hand spun Tussar & Ghicha sarees, Dupattas and tussar yardages.

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