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Chanderi Sarees

Woven in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, the Chanderi sarees dates back to the 13th century. From inception till the1920s, only white and off-white was woven with its borders embellished with zari and golden threads. The only thread used in the warp was handspun cotton thread and raw silk, cotton, mercerized cotton or kataan in the weft. In the borders and butis, silk, mercerized cotton, and zari threads are used. Then by using needles, the butis and Chanderi fabric were woven on the handloom. The transparency and sheer texture of Chanderi fabric have earned it the name ‘woven air’.
Traditional motifs of peacocks, flowers, lotus, to exclusive Chanderi motifs like chatai, dandidar, jangla, and mehndi wale haath can be found on Chanderi fabric.

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