Achma Weaves

Achma Weaves

Firoza Begum never had any interest in weaving, though she has been seeing her mother weaving from childhood. Young Firoza aspired to work and live in the city. After completing high school she moved to Guwahati and took up a job as a sales associate.

She soon realised that the cost of living in the city was much higher and could not be covered with her earnings and dejected she had to return back to her village in Chatapuri, Kamrup – Assam.

A chance visit to an Incubation centre led the path to her entrepreneur journey. Firoza soon learned the nuance of weaving commercially and set up a small business of weaving & marketing her products to urban consumers.  She started Achma Weaves in July 2019

Presently Firoza works with 15 women weavers and focuses on specialising in Hand spun Eri & cotton products like Stoles woven in Handpicked Extra-Weft, Jaala (Nangal) technique 

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