Aarambh in Pedana

    Pedana, a village in Andhra Pradesh, seemingly nondescript at the first glance is in fact the manufacturing hub of the renowned block-printed Kalamkari fabric. In 2013, Pedana and its neighbouring village of Machilipatnam, Polavaram and Kappaladoddi won the geographical indication (GItag for the production of Machilipatnam Kalamkari, which involves carving out intricate designs on wooden blocks, and using these to print.

    Pedana also has a strong co-operative culture.  Most of these cooperatives specialize in handlooms and weave sarees of fine cotton.

    GoCoop, through the initiative of the ‘enabling and empowering cluster-level weaver entrepreneurs’  has identified artisans from this cluster and through capacity building efforts is providing market linkages for sustainable livelihoods.

    Discover the skilled artisans and the exquisite products that they make!