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Simplicity in Style

September 26, 2017

Simplicity in Style

presenting the pujo collection
from Odisha and West Bengal.

Durga Puja is a busy time for the weavers of West Bengal and Orissa, it’s an auspicious time for the whole state, and the weavers are intent on giving their customers a chance to dress up in their very best.

Every year, as their families prepare for the festive season, they quite simply labour over their looms, to create a new collection of gorgeous handlooms.

This festive season shop the Pujo Collection, comprising weaves from these regions. Soft simple cottons, and understated silks dyed in splendid hues. They are highly affordable and often make for great everyday wear as well.

1. Sambalpuri

Hailing from the Sambalpur region in Odisha, these sarees have earthy tribal patterns, combining geometric lines with organic shapes like flowers and conch shells.

2. Nuapatna

These soft cotton weaves are simple yet stylish with their geometric patterns and minimal colour palettes. Match them with contrasting blouses to try edgier looks.

3. Khandua

These silks woven in the ikat style, allow for a look that’s rich yet contemporary. A great look for the festive season, as well as for a dinner party.

4. Bomkai

Shop rich silken sarees with earthy, tribal weaves, statement geometric thread designs across the pallas, and striking natural dyes across the body.

5. Tangail

The soft Tangail sarees of West Bengal come in so many shades and hues, and in a plethora of pleasing patterns. The only thing that’s “expected” with these sarees, is comfort.

6. Jamdani

Light Jamdanis can make for comfortable and pleasing day wear, and can even be paired with high coloured long sleeved blouses, for elegant evening wear.

The striking aesthetics of these sarees lie in their simple sophistication, making them a great choice not just for the festive season, but all year round.

So shop to your heart’s content. You’ll also be making a weaver quite content. :)

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Simplicity in Style