Made for India

Made for India

Khadi can make a statement of simplicity and pride all at the same time. In terms of the nature of the fabric, it’s great for Indian weather - robust yet breathable. And it’s history speaks of a land that rose to take charge of its own destiny - independence.

Today, khadi can be a go-to style statement: expressing solidarity with the Indian artisanal community, going green, and going sustainable. But khadi outfits are a great transitional look as well, allowing you to go from work to casual settings with ease.

It’s a way to instantly wear your identity with pride. And all you need to do is dress them up or down.

Go Desi

A saree (for men, a kurta or Nehru jacket) is a simple and non-fuss way to embrace your roots and truly Go Swadeshi.

Go Contemporary

Geometric khadi weaves when stitched into colour block kurtas and tunics, or woven into sarees with geometric patterns, help create a contemporary chic look while staying swadeshi.

Go Formal

A khadi shirt can be paired with trousers (and later even with jeans or shorts depending on the occasion), to keep you comfortable through the swadeshi summer.


Woven in a variety of colours and available for sale, khadi fabric can be used to fashion dresses, or any kind of apparel, unique to your swadeshi tastes.

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