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Go Swadeshi - Independence is Handmade

August 10, 2017

Go Swadeshi - Independence is Handmade

As the country celebrated its Handloom Day, it gave us a moment to reflect on why we do what we do, and why we’ll never stop.

August 7th is significant to the country because it was the day our forefathers decided to take their independence into their own hands; starting the Swadeshi movement to weave a new future for the country, independent of the British rule.

While it was a day that changed the course of our history and subsequently did lead to India achieving her independence, for India’s artisan communities, going swadeshi is simply a way of life, a way to sustain their very livelihoods.

Our communities of artisans have through centuries passed on their traditional techniques of weaving. And with it, they have also given the communities a chance to live in a self sustaining manner, creating products that are today sought across the world.

Today, going swadeshi is nuanced with so much more meaning. It’s a chance to live sustainably, to save traditions, to go green.

To celebrate this, we launched our marketplace in August 2014 with the “Go Swadeshi” campaign, promoting the need for a social platform, where artisans can sell direct to customers, from anywhere. Eliminating the middleman, and allowing profits to reach the artisans directly.

But working with the artisans and taking a closer look at all the products handlooms have to offer, what’s interesting is that handlooms aren’t just a cultural statement but a fashion statement.

Take a look!

1.Home furnishing

From dhurries that transform your space, to cushion covers that make you feel at home, handlooms are a great way to do up your home.

2. Apparel

From kurtas to nehru jackets to salwars to tunics, outfits made with handloom fabric are breathable yet unique.

3. Sarees

You can never have too many sarees. Luckily, you can never run out of prints, colours and textures, when there are weaves from the whole country to choose from.

4. Accessories

For style that’s unique, going swadeshi can mean adding a swadeshi element to your outfit no matter what the occasion, with a stole or even a bag.

5. Fabric

Liberate the fashion designer within you with homespun dress material and fabric, to make a statement that’s truly you.

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Go Swadeshi - Independence is Handmade