Let's #ILoveHandlooms

Many of us love Handlooms & each one of us has our own reasons.

Handlooms symbolise rich cultural heritage and tradition of India. Every creation is unique & tells a story. They are not only eco-friendly but also make a fashion statement. The touch & feel is special with the imperfections in the texture. They are outcome of the love & labour of our designers and artisans.

We may wear them daily or on special occasions, they may be a piece of art adorning our home as furnishings or as beautiful stoles or dupattas that we love to gift to our friends & family.Our reason for loving Handlooms may be unique and very special and that’s why we want you to share your love for Handlooms with everyone…Go on and post a pic, write a story, tag a friend with #ILoveHandlooms

It’s a call for all of us. It can be an experience of your mum’s love for her favourite handloom saree, the first time you wore a handloom saree or kurta, or maybe draped an exquisite handmade stole. Most importantly we wish that the youth of our country take pride & share their experience with Handlooms. Just #ILoveHandlooms.

If you are a designer & love to use Handlooms in your creations, flaunt your creations with #ILoveHandlooms. If you sell Handlooms in your boutique or retail store, share your stories with #ILoveHandlooms.

This Independence day let’s pledge our support for handlooms with #ILoveHandlooms.

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