From Houses to Homes

Decorating our living rooms is pretty much a personal choice. As a matter of fact it talks alot about a person is. A house feels like a home when it is inhabited by people. Going back to the history it was the Romans ho probably were the first ones to display their wealth through their lifestyle and homes. They had lavishly decorated wall murals and mosaic designs on the floor, custom made furniture. And, they only preferred to relax and put their feet on the top notch quality of the soft furnishings made from expensive materials.

There were carpets which were a luxury reserved only for the richest of the people. They were hung on the walls or over tables.

it was only after the mass production of 19th century that more people aspired to make their houses beautiful.

It is evident that an entity like home furnishing could've hailed from the rich, but today every home has a story-a different story to evoke.

Gone are the days when people bought a set of matching cushions with repetitive designs. We’re in the most creative and innovative times of our life. There is a plethora of options to change a space into an interactive residence.

From cushions to curtains, it has become an absolute need to dress up the houses like we would to ourselves. It not only comforts but functions to protect against the odds of the weather. No matter how spendthrift one behaves a pair of cushions/pillows and sheets have become a necessity. There is an up surging demand for all ranges of home furnishings. The riches have and shall use the luxury as supremacy symbol nonetheless the majority shall celebrate the euphony of comfort.

Bottom line-home furnishings are here to stay and to inspire living.

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