From the Homeland to Home

Across the country we call home, there are artisans from various tribes and villages, committed to upholding their dying craft. Some of their techniques are appropriated, sold at higher margins, sold under newer labels; but the art behind these beautiful handwoven products represents more than the colourful dyes and intricate patterns that meet the eye. They represent these artisans’ way of life; committed to upholding tradition, with products that are truly organic, truly swadeshi.

This season, let’s go back to the roots with our home collection - a curated selection of home linens, floor coverings and more. These products embrace traditional weaves, eco-friendly practices and just good taste really, all at once.

Choose handwoven products, from intricate Kalamkari, simple single ikats and resplendent double ikats, bold and vibrant dhurries of interlocked colours, geometric stripes and checks . . . choose style and sustainability, for your home, and for the artisans across the country.


Choose cushion covers made with natural fabrics, dyes and techniques. Choose between checks, chevrons and abstract patterns for a look that’s traditional yet contemporary. Mix prints and colours, mix style and comfort.


Brighten up your living room, or any expanse of space, from foyers to corridors. Throw on our dhurries across your floors with their geometric prints, patterns and bold colours for a lush and welcoming sight. Amp up the style, and absorb that unnecessary echoe while at it.


Shop a variety of prints to change up the look of your bedroom with ikat bed sheets, in a variety of colour palettes from the vibrant to the understated.


Find simple Telangana handwoven cotton towels famed for their absorbency and utility, durable through multiple washes, and great to travel with as well.

So go ahead and choose authentic, artisanal, handwoven products for your home. There’s no better way to make it truly your own.

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