Handmade to breeze through summer

With the mercury rising, it’s time to start stocking on light textures that will help you breeze through summer. Choose from a range of handmade designs made by artisans from across the country to keep you fresh in style for the season.


A versatile fabric that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, khadi is a wardrobe must-have for every season. Handmade by the weavers in Bengal, khadi has evolved from being a symbol of India’s freedom to a fashion fabric.

The khadi sarees are made in unique and vibrant colours ranging from acid green to amarnath pink. Woven in cotton yarn, the saree ensures comfort. Finished off in neat tassels in contrasting colours, the saree also reflects a tasteful tradition.


Handmade by the weavers at Madurai in Tamil Nadu, the Sungudi sarees feature traditional block and batik printing and dyeing in vivid colours. The saree is also adorned with zari stripes and floral motifs along the border for a rich authentic feel.


Cool and comfortable, adorned in vibrant colours and varied patterns, Pochampally sarees help you keep temperatures down and your style quotient up. The saree is skillfully designed and handmade by the weavers at the Pochampally cluster in Telangana, using the ikat technique.

Patteda Anchu

Designed exquisitely, the Patteda Anchu is woven with two different pallus on either side, making it a reversible and valuable addition to your wardrobe. With a specially engineered border that does not require an additional fall or beading, the saree is ready to wear.

Aimed at reviving the authentic Patteda Anchu saree, the weavers at Punarjeevana in Karnataka work to develop the lost art. Brighten up your style in the fresh colours of the Patteda Anchu and help preserve a cultural gift.


Handmade by the skilled weavers at Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu, the Paramakudi sarees are known for their elegant designs, enhanced using contemporary styled traditional motifs.


Known for their simplicity with traditional golden zari 'Nizam' borders, the Mangalagiri sarees are a must have for every saree wardrobe. Mainly woven with pure cotton yarn on a pit loom, Mangalagiri sarees are now available in various color tones & offer cool comfort especially during the scorching summers. The checkered fashion trend has been adopted beautifully by the weavers while the traditional stripes are yet to stay.