Crafting Change by Going Co-op.

9 million+ weavers and artisans.
1000+ clusters.
Based out of one country - India.
With a global market.
GoCoop aims to weave this community, and their market, closer together.

Utkal ECP, a co-operative of weavers in rural Odisha, just sent a shipment of their goods to customers in the US. So have the weavers of the Koyalagudem co-operative in Telangana.

The Market Scenario.

The world is wisening up to the idea of fashion with a heart. The markets are tiring of mass produced goods in favour of products that are ethically crafted, sustainable and unique. International fashion houses have begun to focus their initiatives around ethical and sustainable sourcing of products as well.

However the demand for these are often driven by fashion trends, consumer purchasing patterns, and economic conditions in the end markets. And the never-ending demand for machine-made products, that are similar to their handmade counterparts, doesn’t help either.

Which means that these trends and demands not only affect the choice of apparel we see on clothes racks in stores (and ultimately our wardrobes) but the artisans who make a living creating them as well.

The Marketplace.

Everybody wants the best price on their goods. Not everybody enjoys the thrill of the haggle - a common sight in physical marketplaces for handcrafted goods across the country. However, an unorganized marketplace, and a non-transparent supply chain, tend not to allow for ethical pricing and sales. Thus making for a skeptical consumer.

GoCoop is India’s 1st online social marketplace for weavers & artisans. It brings together the weaver communities onto a single platform. It’s a marketplace for both consumers and buyers to find authentic handcrafted artisanal products, at the best prices, direct from the artisans themselves.

It’s a marketplace that takes care of the sellers’ needs in terms of marketing, and the buyers’ needs in terms of transparency and quality. All in an effort to build a more sustainable supply chain.

“GoCoop sources great products which are managed by experts, no middlemen involved. Unique integrated business model of bringing hand crafted products to brand.”
- Venkataraman, Levis Strauss (india)

The Mission.

The intention is to craft real change, building livelihoods and preserving traditions by creating a sustainable business model for handcrafted goods.

GoCoop therefore is today a team of about 50 people with a background in technology, design, marketing and textiles. With a head office in Bangalore it also operates out of three regional offices in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bhubaneshwar.

Over the last 3 years of its existence, GoCoop has helped create a seamless supply chain with over 270 suppliers, enabling the sales of high quality textiles and crafts with great service and the best prices.

The vision being to enable a million artisans over the next 5 years and build a global marketplace for artisans.

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