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Crafting Sustainability.

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Arts, crafts and culture are part of Indian heritage even today, with over 9 million artisans across the country. The artisans however who mostly live in rural areas, are unable to reach out to their potential market (literally millions of customers across the globe) without a sustainable marketing model. Creating a social marketplace, like GoCoop therefore, is our way of connecting artisans directly with the buyers ensuring sustainability that benefits the creators and the buyers equally.

So how do we do it?


Artisan communities, over the course of history, have kept their skills alive, passing them to the next generation. However, with modernization, their way of life is threatened and many artisans resort to migrating over to urban areas for a better quality of life.

To ensure that the artisans continue to lead dignified lives, a social marketplace empowers them, giving them direct access to their customers, helping them create their own brands and markets.


But how sustainable is a business model when it comes at the cost of the environment?

Most artisans use ancient, traditional skills, which are very eco-friendly. The looms they use to create their products don’t use power, as opposed to mainstream textiles, helping reduce our carbon footprint. Their products are made using natural materials like cotton and silk, and in many cases use natural dyes, making for an eco-friendly fashion choice as well.


Eliminating middlemen benefits both the artisan and the buyer. A social marketplace brings artisans and co-operatives onto a single platform that gives them access to customers from across the world.

Buyers are benefited from fair pricing, and artisans see higher profit margins.

A social marketplace has the responsibility of ethical sourcing of products, and adequately compensates artisans and ensuring fair prices.

The Vision: Think Sustainable Buying

As part of the ecosystem, consumers have also begun to realize that they have a social responsibility to support our weavers and artisans and also to buy into ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

At GoCoop, we are Crafting Sustainability by promoting these artisans work through a Social Marketplace.

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