Missing Design Red Color Handloom Ikat Cotton Dupatta

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<div>A pure handloom Ikat cotton dupatta handwoven with all half and half plain and missing ikat design on the base of red, white & black color shade from the weavers of TSCO. This dupatta has a solid red border & there are neatly tied tassels at the end. The Pochampally Ikat weaving technique is one of most complex tie-dye technique.</div>
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<div>Product Specification:</div>
<div>Length x Width: 2.5 meter X 36 inches*Fabric: Cotton</div>
<div>*Warp x Weft: Cotton X Cotton</div>
Product Specification:
Length x Width: 2.5 meter X 36 inches
*Fabric: Cotton
*Warp x Weft: Cotton X Cotton
Special Instructions :
&bull; Dry in shade
&bull; Hand wash separately in cold water
&bull; Do not squeeze or wring.