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Since MODA SÂRGUINTA CRAFTSMEN'S COOPERATIVE COMPANY have started to work together our highly desires and ideas become true. Our aspirations were traduced in all the project we developed, combining the visions that we all sustain. Luxury, timeless garments, details, tradition, heritage, style, quality, comfort, craftsmanship, viability, a coherent system of development, an optimal choice between the quality and price, along with an extraordinary ambiance and a great team made us turn every project into a success. MODAS gathers a small team of highly experienced couturiers, cutters, designers, consultants and marketing developers, a great visual merchandiser. We all are truly motivated by the desire to satisfy the most exigent expectations from our clients. The CEO Mr. Catrinoiu Nicolae worked in the field since the early beginning. First he was working as Creative Director in the design department. Our chief couturier worked in the field since 1970, he was trained here in this country as well as in Italy and Great Britain. His experience of more than 40 years in bespoke tailoring, and his relationships with the foreign bespoke couturiers, made him create a unique vision over the ""perfect garment"".

- as provision of industrial services (lohn) which implies executing orders using customers materials;
- as integral industrial production which supposes to create, design, execute products on the whole with the company's resources at customers requ

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