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Karnataka State Souharda Federal Cooperative Ltd, is the first Apex Body of New generation cooperatives in India. Souharda Federal Cooperative is a democratically elected self-regulatory organization of the cooperatives registered under Karnataka Souharda Sahakari Act, 1997. Members : All the cooperatives registered under the Act are the members of Federal cooperative. The membership to Federal cooperative is mandatory. The apex body of the organization is the general body consisting of representatives of member cooperatives. The General Body meets once in a year. If any urgent matters arises special General Body may be convened. Board of Directors : Each revenue district will have one representation in the Board. The Board of Directors will be elected from the members. The board will meet six times in a year. It is the policy making body of the cooperative and its term is five cooperative years. President and Vice president : The board of directors will elect the President and Vice President The objective of the organization is not to control the members but to act as friend, philosopher and guide to the members in discharge of their fiduciary functions. Being the first of its kind in the country, the Federal Cooperative is striving to set standards for such organizations and hence welcomes all suggestions to help it become a role model.

# Wholly owned, managed and controlled by members.
# Removes all kinds of restrictions that have come to clog the free functioning of the co-operatives and the controls the interference by the Government except registration and cancellation.
# Formation of Co-operatives on the basis of self-help and mutual aid
# Economic Enterprise guided by Co-operative Principles.
# More responsibility and freedom of business for the Co-operatives.
# Encourage Co-operatives to become more competitive and independent.
# Inclusion of internationally accepted Co-operative Principles in the Act.
# Promotes subsidiary organizations, partnership between co-operatives and also collaboration between co-operatives and other institutions.
# Allows any 5 or more Souharda Co-operatives to form Union Co-operatives.
# Powers of inspection, liquidation and super-session vests with the Federal Co-operative, which has a representation from all revenue districts.
# No restrictions on business with a non-member.
# Audit of accounts by the Panel of Auditors made by the Federal Co-operative instead of the Co-operative Audit Department.
# Member Responsibility includes minimum business with the co-operative and participation in the general body.
# The General Body is the final authority with regard to the recruitment of staff, pay-scale fixation, promotions, increments etc.
# The General Body is the Highest Appeal for a person who has been denied or removed of the membership by the Board.
# Inquiry will be conducted by the Registrar only on receipt of an application from not less than 1/3 of the members of the Board or not less than 1/10 of the total number of members of the co-operative or Federal cooperative with prescribed fee.
# Continuation of the Arbitration System to resolve and settle the disputes with the members
# General Body has the final say regarding the winding up of the Co-operative or Cancellation of registration under the Act.
# Provision to enroll Associate and nominal members

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