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Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers' Federation Limited (KMF) is the Apex Body in Karnataka representing Dairy Farmers' Co-operatives. It is the second largest dairy co-operative amongst the dairy cooperatives in the country. In South India it stands first in terms of procurement as well as sales. One of the core functions of the Federation is marketing of milk and milk products. The brand "nandini" is the household name for Pure and Fresh milk and milk products. KMF has 13 Milk Unions throughout the State which procure milk from Primary Dairy Cooperative Societies(DCS) and distribute milk to the consumers in various Towns/Cities/Rural markets in Karnataka. The first ever World Bank funded Dairy Development Program in the country started in Karnataka with the organisation of Village Level Dairy Co-operatives in 1974. The AMUL pattern of dairy co-operatives started functioning in Karnataka from 1974-75 with the financial assistance from World Bank, Operation Flood II & III. The dairy co-operatives were established under the ANAND pattern in a three tier structure with the Village Level Dairy Co-operatives forming the base level, the District Level Milk Unions at the middle level to take care of the procurement, processing and marketing of milk and the Karnataka Milk Federation as the Apex Body to co-ordinate the growth of the sector at the State level. Coordination of activities among the Unions and developing market for Milk and Milk products is the responsibility of KMF. Marketing Milk in the respective jurisdiction is organized by the respective Milk Unions. Surplus/deficit of liquid milk among the member Milk Unions is monitored by the Federation. While the marketing of all the Milk Products is organized by KMF, both within and outside the State, all the Milk and Milk products are sold under a common brand name NANDINI.

# To ensure assured and remunerative market round the year for the milk produced by the farmer members.
# To make available quality milk and other premier dairy products to urban consumers.
# To build & develop village level institutions as cooperative model units to manage the dairy activities.
# To ensure provision of inputs for milk production, processing facilities and dissemination of know how.
# To facilitate rural development by providing opportunities for self employment at village level, preventing migration to urban areas,introducing cash economy and opportunity for a sustained income .
# The philosophy of dairy development is to eliminate middlemen and organise institutions to be owned and managed by the milk producers themselves, employing professionals.
# To sum it up, every activity of KMF revolves around meeting one basic objective: 'Achieve economies of scale to ensure maximum returns to the milk producers, at the same time facilitate wholesome milk at reasonable price to urban consumers'. Ultimately, the complex network of cooperative organization should build a bridge between masses of rural producers and millions of urban consumers and in the process achieve a socio-economic revolution in every hinterland of the State.

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